Insane Office Escape 2 – Music Video (NSFW – Violence/Language)

Biting Elbow’s music video for their song, Bad Motherf**ker. Shot with a HERO camera strapped to the protagonist’s face! This is a very impressive video, but it’s filled with violence and swearing, so it may be best to save it for later if that’s inappropriate for your current environment.


GoPro’s Video of the Day: March 12, 2013

Today, GoPro released their very first black and white video, showcasing their favorite band, Typhoon. They shot it in San Francisco with the Hero 3: black edition camera. The venue looked like a very small, intimate and hipster place. The video definitely had a chill and relaxed vibe. We also noticed that GoPro used a fish eye lens to get a sense of what was going on all in one frame. It provided a more wide view of the viewing around it. The camera was able to capture clear and vivid picture and video even though the place looked like it lacked good lighting.

Gizmodo Says GoPro is the Best on the Market!

Gizmodo calls the Black Edition the best action camera yet. Check out their review of GoPro’s latest camera at the link above.

HERO3 Black Edition Showcase

GoPro’s official video showing off the power of their top camera, the Black Edition. It can shoot in 1080p at an impressive 60 frames per second, and comes with a wireless remote to make using it even easier.

Take a look at it on GoPro’s website here.

Hockey Ref Wearing a GoPro HERO2

This is a really cool idea for sporting events. Being able to see what the referee can see makes for some great camera angles. Hopefully this picks up and gets implemented in more games.

Seagull flies off with a HERO camera

Incredible footage someone managed to accidentally capture when a seagull stole their GoPro camera at the beach.

Not an athlete? Cool way to GoPro for pet owners!

If you have a pet and want to have fun here is an awesome new way you can make and save new memories with your dog. Because the of the durability and versatility of GoPro cameras, it is perfect for capturing the world from your pet’s point of view. The possibilities are endless!

New GoPro Contest


ATTENTION: GoPro launches music photo contest on Instagram.

GoPro calls all musicians, bands, and  aspiring artists to show how you rock your GoPro. GoProMusic gives a chance to strut your creativity with the camera. With a chance to win a free GoPro Hero3 as well as the being the Photo of the Day winner! The month of March is here and is asking all musicians to take part!

Check out the contest on GoPro’s website here!

Surf with the Pro

With all its versatile mounting capabilities photography and film for surfing has changed dramatically. Instead of taking pictures with a long-range zoom lens from a far distance, surfers are able to take their own photos with GoPro HD cameras. Surfers have more opportunities to capture extreme angles and a true human eye perspective of the surfboard and the wave. It brings a whole new view to the surf photography industry changing the face of the profession. Personally, GoPro surf photos and videos are more appealing because they capture the real experience of the wave and the surfer. It’s like placing yourself on the surfboard and being able to see what the surfer sees. From a DSLR that’s hundreds of feet away, you don’t get that type of experience.

Inspired by this new opportunity, GoPro even came out with a Hero 2 Surf edition that attaches to the board to record or take professional high definition video and 11MP timelapse photos. Surfers are able to capture their tricks and shreds out on the water. The Surf Edition camera is used by top surfers, photographers and filmmakers around the world. GoPro is even stoked to have Kelly Slater on their team to represent the surfing community.



Laser Cats – Who Will Prevail?

Shot completely with the GoPro’s HD HERO3 and this clip aired as a national television commercial.

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